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TT-3 Bus Toilet by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  • TT-3 Bus Toilet by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd

TT-3 Toilet Bus

1: After-sale Service: Online technical support

2: Weight: 41-50KG

3: Project Solution Capability: Total solution for projects

3: Application: Hotel

5: Material: Ceramic

6: Structure: One Piece

7: Installation Type: Floor Mounted, Direct flush toilet

8: Drainage Pattern: P-trap, P-Trap, S-Trap

9: Flushing Method: Gravity Flushing

10: Toilet Bowl Shape: Round, Elongated

11: Size: 830*670*365mm

12: Usage: Bathroom Furniture Toilet

13: Style: Modern Bathroom Ceramic Toilet WC

14: Manufacture Type: OEM, ODM


Features of TT-3 Toilet Bus

To make the bus journey of all the passengers super comfortable and convenient, then get installed in it the high-quality TT-3 toilet as it has the best benefits to offer.

1. The luxurious TT-3 toilet is a cubicle in design that makes it super convenient for the passengers to use it and move around it easily.

2. It has an automatic control to detect if a traveler forgets to flush the toilet and electrically activates the flushing as soon as the cabin door shuts.

3. The toilet cubicle design is finished with high-quality material and polishing.

4. The cabin-sized toilet is equipped with all the toilet essentials, such as a washbasin, mirror, shower, and toilet seat, with, of course, a brilliant lighting effect.

5. The integrated waste hose operator can be switched to empty waste very easily.