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TT-1 Toilet For Benz Sprinter by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  • TT-1 Toilet For Benz Sprinter by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd
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TT-1 Toilet For Benz Sprinter

1: After-sale Service: Online technical support

2: Weight: 41-50KG

3: Project Solution Capability: Total solution for projects

3: Application: Hotel

5: Material: Ceramic

6: Structure: One Piece

7: Installation Type: Floor Mounted, Direct flush toilet

8: Drainage Pattern: P-trap, P-Trap, S-Trap

9: Flushing Method: Gravity Flushing

10: Toilet Bowl Shape: Round, Elongated

11: Size: 830*670*365mm

12: Usage: Bathroom Furniture Toilet

13: Style: Modern Bathroom Ceramic Toilet WC

14: Manufacture Type: OEM, ODM


Install Luxurious Toilet in Your Benz Sprinter

If you are thinking of making your Benz sprinter more luxurious, then get it installed from the top-most Benz sprinter toilet exporter.

1. This small-sized washroom has everything you want, including commode, washbasin, shower, which posh lighting.

2. This luxurious bathroom door of the Benz sprinter employs the same latches as airplane bathroom doors.

3. The toilet for Benz Sprinter also has an external shower with a hose that can be pulled out from the van.

4. The high-quality finishing of the toilet keeps it away from all the unpleasant smells.

5. Excellent polishing helps them to withstand any wear and tear.