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BT-5 Truck Towing parts by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd
  • BT-5 Truck Towing parts by Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Truck Towing Parts BT-5

1: After-sale Service: Online technical support

2: Weight: 41-50KG

3: Project Solution Capability: Total solution for projects

3: Application: Hotel

5: Material: Ceramic

6: Structure: One Piece

7: Installation Type: Floor Mounted, Direct flush toilet

8: Drainage Pattern: P-trap, P-Trap, S-Trap

9: Flushing Method: Gravity Flushing

10: Toilet Bowl Shape: Round, Elongated

11: Size: 830*670*365mm

12: Usage: Bathroom Furniture Toilet

13: Style: Modern Bathroom Ceramic Toilet WC

14: Manufacture Type: OEM, ODM


Features of BT-5 Truck Towing Part 

The BT-5 truck towing part is made up of heavy-duty metal and is suitable for various kinds of trucks. BT-5 provides extreme grip and is a reliable option for challenging towing jobs. This truck towing equipment has been tested in challenging conditions and is easy to handle, unlike other towing tools. The BT-5 promises durability and portability with easy installation. BT-5’s adaptability and resistance make it essential for truck owners who have their vehicles involved in a task that requires off-roading on longer routes. Its unique design and versatility make it a valuable investment for every truck owner.