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Importance Of Having A Mobile Toilet

It is a well-established fact that requiring a toilet is one of the basic necessities of human life. Looking for a bathroom while traveling on a bus or any other vehicle might be troublesome. Hence, there are mobile toilets available that can easily be installed on buses and RV trailers to make things easier for people. There are two main types of bus bathrooms available in the market that buyers can choose from. Needless to say, these work a bit differently from the ones at home. It does not use water or attached to a sewer. Moreover, it uses a blue-colored formaldehyde product to help get rid of any unpleasant odors. Another vital thing to understand is that these toilets have a holding tank to contain feces and urine. Where else would all the waste material go on a bus? Let's look at the types before learning more:

1: There's a toilet that comes with a flap. Upon flushing, the formaldehyde takes care of the smell and opens the flap to push the waste materials into the holding tank. 

2: There's a toilet that does not have a flap and does not require flushing either. Everything directly goes into the holding tank when a person uses the bathroom.

3: The bathrooms on the bus also have vents to take care of the unpleasant smells. They are relatively spacious and much easier to clean. As far as the emptying of the holding tank is concerned, it should be done after each trip to avoid complaints and permanent odors. There is a fitting provided on the outside of the bus where a sewer hose is attached. The other end is attached to the sewer, and the tank is emptied accordingly. Installing a toilet in buses and coaches makes numerous trips fun and less time consuming as the need to stop for bathroom breaks is eliminated.