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Essentials of Towing equipment & uses Must Read

Having a vehicle means the constant risk of frequent wear, and due to this reason, knowledge about towing is absolutely important for every owning a car and some vehicle. You need to know which type of towing equipment are essential for moving your vehicle.

You might have seen when your car is stuck somewhere; there always comes a truck or a big vehicle along with specializing equipment to move your vehicle. Understanding the towing process is good for future preparation of any mishap. You might recognize some equipment and some you don't s; without wasting, let's learn about it further. Here are some frequently used during the process.


Tow trucks employ hydraulics to slide down to ground level, which the vehicle is then pulled onto the slide.

Wheel Lift

Wheel lifts are commonly used to move vehicles. It has a long steel bar that goes straight from the tow truck to the vehicle which supposed to be towed.

Belt Lift

A belt lift is an old way of towing a vehicle through lifting. The belt lift is essentially a long loop of chains connected to the axle of the vehicle that is towed through the belt lift. This part is gone outdated due to some drawbacks such as these belt lifts can cause damage to the axle towed vehicle, and it can also cause scratches to the towed vehicle's bumper.


If a vehicle stuck in a ditch is your situation, then a towed truck needs a boom to pull the vehicle out. A boom is a piece of equipment attached to a suffering vehicle and for hauling it out of a steep.