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Baobab HF – Premier Bus Toilet Manufacturer

Hefei Baobab Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a leading and demanding wholesale bus toilet supplier in the world. Our company is recognized for producing high-quality portable coach toilet producers in the global market. We have gained our customer’s trust by providing the best quality and diverse variety of coach toilets at affordable rates.  

Our company satisfies the rising need for a coach and buses toilets in society by providing ultra-efficient and well-curated toilets in the market. Bus travel and any other commute-related activities lack basic sanitation, that is why a coach bus toilet distributor like us brings the best solution for this issue to make consumers' lives better and more convenient. Tow truck parts and spring mounts are also manufactured in our plants.

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Steering & Suspension parts:

shock absorber ,ball joint, tie rod end, stabilizer link ,bushing;

Bus parts(OEM ):

Coaches toilet, Dispenser, luggage rack, Light.

Repair tools:

tow ball, self-loading dolly, go jack, truck towing equipment

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Prominent Features of Portable Toilet for Buses and Coaches 

1: It is used in all portable vehicles such as mobile clinic buses, tourist buses, medical vans, camping vehicles, and other special buses.

2: They are maintenance-free and sturdy.

3: They are user-friendly and require low water consumption.

4: Easy to clean and maintain.

5: Electronic control cleaning system is also available if a passenger forgets to flush.

6: Auto-fill water tank option available.

7: A waste tank option is also available to automatically empty the waste when it overfills.

8: A fresh air system is also available to remove the unpleasant smell.  

9: Automatic light on and off system is available when the door opens and closes.

Why Choose Us? 

Working in an evolving industry of stainless steel bus toilet industry, we have taken an ingenious approach for producing toilets that are second to none in its functionality and user ease, specifically designed to meet consumer needs. Our advanced manufacturing procedures make us the best bus toilet exporter when the user talks about the portable toilet setup.

Hygiene Issues

As an observant bus toilet manufacturer, we understand the hygiene issues that people face these days, which ultimately give birth to dozens of physical health diseases that victimize so many unaware people living in a low sanitation environment. The invention of portable toilet systems has massively impacted the consumers as this is among the biggest and the most important need of general masses spending more time in commute.

Outdoor Application

As a highly demanded stainless steel bus toilet supplier, we always try to produce every piece with precision; that is why our coach toilet system provides seamless performance in all respects. Our highly developed quality assurance department always ensures to maintain our product's quality and makes us the most revered bus toilet manufacturer in the international market.

Our manufactured toilets are perfect, and best fit from many aspects so whether it is the concern of lever, valve or disposal unit our product is the best option because we take our product's functionality very seriously. Our manufactured coach bus toilets are highly suitable for outdoor applications and specifically designed to meet the outdoor lavatory needs as they are extremely easy to maintain and install.